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TS RTA M Wallet App | TS RTA Vehicle Number Details M Wallet Telangana

TS RTA M Wallet App Telangana

The Telangana state capital city Hyderabad is one of the cyber cities of India is not only technically advanced but also spiritually developing.  At the secretariat, the honourable minister for information technology K Taraka Rama Rao will release the M wallet Telangana app in the month of April this year and it will certainly benefit the automobilists of the state especially from the crime hands of the police. There are other advantages, as well.  The M wallet app is one of its kinds in India developed for the Telangana Transport Department under the Government of Telangana.                                             
The app will be only valid in the state of Telangana. To use the app one has to download the app and register by entering phone number, email and name. Since smartphones being so economically available every driving license holder can download and maintain the registered driving license, vehicle details on TS RTA M wallet app in it. When the police or any other concerned authority demands these documents it can be show to them as you need not have to carry the physical documents. An effort is being made for issuing the documents of a vehicle in electronic format, which can be shown to the enforcement authorities through this app. As per reports, it is said that there is no room for pollution certificate in the app but we can expect it soon.

TS RTA M wallet app download

As for now, the app is for android phones. Download Telangana RTA M wallet app from the Google play store. You do not have to pay for downloading it. It is free. Only the android version of the app is available. There is no news yet about the other versions for iPhone or windows phone. Download Telangana RTA M wallet app from the Google play store. You do not have to pay for downloading it. It is free.  For downloading the M wallet Telangana app you just need to follow the steps shown below.

RTA M wallet app download play store for Android

One can download the M wallet Telangana app and start using it by following these three simple steps.

How to register (sign up, sign in) in TS RTA M WALLET APP and enter Driving License Number and RC 

1. For Telangana M wallet app 2016 download, go to the Google Store. Search for this app and then press install. This will download and install the app in your android smartphone. The app is only around 17 MB and it will not take much space in the memory of your smartphone.

2. Launch the app, enter your name, mobile number and email id, and press register. You will receive an OTP in your mobile number that was used while registering. If anyhow you did not receive the OTP, you have options to resend the OTP on the M wallet Telangana app. Now sign into the app using your registered mobile number and the OTP.

3. After signing in you will find two options RC(Registration Certificate) and Driving Licence. Press on RC and provide the registration number of your vehicle and the last five digits of the chassis number. This will bring in all the information concerning the registration of your vehicle and also the valid insurance details of the vehicle. Now on selecting the license option you need type in three details. They are your driving licence number, date of birth and the name of the place where your registered RTA office is located.Once you have filled in the details every data about your licence and RC will be displayed on your screen. If a police officer or an RTA official asks for your licence or vehicle document, all you have to do is to hand over your smartphone to him and tell your registered mobile number.

Using your mobile number, the police officer or any concerned official can check the information of your vehicle and license. This is something great achieved by the department of transportation of Telangana state.
Location: Telangana, India


Anonymous said...

I have sent the mail to Sec IT Minister and Transport Commissioner reg the M-Wallet issue that for Driving License it is not taking / symbol in mobile and suggest the alternate to accept. In the app it is asking to enter the DOB. I would request you to suggest me how to go about it; If we give any feedback on the app pls try to help the customer on this and just taking it and no reply do not give any meaning. The concept of the CM Bangaru Telangana will have no meaning if you do not take any feedbacks. I have checked in 3 mobiles and all are not showing DOB format as you gave us. So I hope you look into it and clear this issue. Also the OTP once lost will not be resend by the M-wallet. We need to reregister with the new number. Hence pls look into it and clear this issue.

md ali said...

hi this is ali from hyderabad

my mail id is i have renewal the RC it has updated on-line but it is not updated in m wallet my photo only updated remaining personal information not updated. please check and update the same.

Md Muhamid Ali

aditya kiran said...

The app is very useful. Can anybody comment on the validity of the driving license in Maharashtra and other states. is it ok if I show the m wallet license to the Mumbai traffic police as a substitute for original driving license?

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