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Theri Behindwoods review & Rating | Theri IMDB Review and Rating

Theri movie review IMDB, Behindwoods

Theri Tamil Review and Rating

The production of the film started in the year 2015. It was in Chennai the shooting started, the first song in the movie was shot there, and part of the movie was shot in Goa. There has been a series of bus fight caught by the public.  Apart from all this, this movie is the 59th movie of the Young Turk Vijay. The movie is  released on April 14th 2016 and people are eager to know about the Theri Vijay Movie Review, Rating , as it is the most anticipated movie. Most of the websites are not yet updated with the synopsis or story of the movie. Soon they will be updating themselves.

Theri Indiaglitz review

Now, what exactly is the story? The review of Theri explains the story of the film is about the fight between two dads one being good and the other being bad. The dialogues in Malayalam of the hero Vijay are very appealing and other scenes of the movie like classroom and mass were attractive too. The film is said to be an action film, which gives out a message that raising children properly and make them responsible people of the country are very important. It has all the scenes that would be delicious to every kind of movie-watchers.

In the film, the actor Vijay has superseded everybody because of his look, body language and the way he acted mostly attracts children. Perhaps this is because he likes his son very much. The child-actor also plays a very important role along with actors like Samantha, Amy. Samantha had to play a very big role in the story of the movie. The filmmaker Mahendran made a debut in the moving with his one line stunning dialogues. review of Theri rates the move 3.5/5
Many of the other websites like, IMDB, the Hindu and several others have not mentioned any review yet. It is expected that soon they will be updating with it, as the movie was released overseas yesterday. There is no Theri review but they have managed to post videos of interviews with the actors and producers of the movie. In addition, they have stills from the movie of the young actor Vijay. They have also posted the speech of the actor before the release of the movie.

It was there in the Indian express the movie was going to be released on 13/04/2016 in 144 screens in the US. The Indian express review of the Theri movie is yet to be posted on the website. Distributor of the film in the US is CineGalaxy Inc has mentioned it to be the biggest launch of the superstar film in the last few years. The Telugu version of the movies, which is a dubbed version of the Tamil movie, will also be released on 15th of April 2016

The movie is grand and worth watching though viewers were able to guess what the next scene will be but that is an error of the movie but it is a plus point. The movie is going to be a big box office hits. The superstar Vijay has remarkably performed in his role attracting family and children to watch the movie.  The previous films are undoubtedly the good movies of the superstar but in this movie, he plays differently which makes the viewers glue their eye to the film. The Superstar has played the role of a Malayalee character in the film. He plays as Darmeshwar, Joseph Kuruvilla and Vijay Kumar- Three roles acted by Vijay. Samantha in the movie is Mithra. The British actress Amy Jackson who looks very Indian plays as Annie. The daughter of actress Meena baby Nainika is in a child role.  These are all the lead roles. Prabhu as a police officer is also an important role. Mahendran, the producer has acted in the film.

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