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Flipkart customer care Ahmedabad | Flipkart toll free number helpline

Flipkart customer care number Ahmedabad

It takes a super human effort to get up and go for shopping on a Saturday evening after a heavy lunch and good snooze.  However, the shopping needs to get done.  However, not everyone would get down to it and the online retails stores that have sprouted up like mushrooms have made it easy for them.  Flipkart is the retailer of choice for this nowadays.  The shopping has lot of variety.  For example, you have under one roof (figuratively), electronics ranging from mobiles, accessories, wearables, laptops, computer accessories, computer peripherals, network components, televisions, cameras, accessories for cameras, tablets, etc.  There are many more things that you can buy which are too long to list here.  But don’t worry, you can always call up the Flipkart customer care number toll free Ahmedabad and get the details on where to find what you want before you wade into the online portal.

Flipkart contact number customer care Ahmedabad

In fact there could be a number of questions that come up that you may want to address while on Flipkart.  Like for example, how to return an item or exchange it, what are the terms and conditions for that, how to change the address to which delivery has to be made midway, what is cash on delivery, etc.  The Flipkart contact number customer care Ahmedabad can be called up to get the answers to all the above and more.  In fact, for some of the common questions, there has been an FAQ section created.  If that doesn’t work, you can either ask for a call back or call up the customer care number for Flipkart Ahmedabad.

Flipkart customer care number Ahmedabad toll free

On Flipkart website, you get to see some deals of the day with a timer indicating how long they are available.  The deals there can be fabulous and it may do you well to keep a tab on it for something that you really want and available on discount for a time period.  Get the details of this and some flash sales that happen by getting in touch with Flipkart.com customer care number Ahmedabad.

Flipkart contact number customer care toll free Ahmedabad

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