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Flipkart customer care Bangalore | Bangalore contact number toll free

Flipkart customer care number Bangalore

Everyone likes to shop at some point of time.  However, there comes those days where you feel really lazy and don’t want to put a step outside your home; but the shopping needs to get done somehow, right?  The online retailers have become handy in that regard and Flipkart leads the pack of the most trusted in that regard.  You can either call up the Flipkart customer care number toll free Bangalore for details of what you can get at Flipkart or whether something you need is available.  Or else you can directly browse for it.  The variety is huge.  To quote some examples, you can buy specifics for men, women, and children like footwear, clothing, ethnic wear, watches, accessories like backpacks, belts, personal care appliances, grooming kits, etc., The list is long and the article is short to list them all here.

Flipkart contact number customer care Bangalore

Since it is an online portal, there come be questions that come up your way while you interact with Flipkart.  They could range from order status, delayed order queries, whether something can be ordered at a specific date or time, how to track shipment, how to get a copy of invoice, etc.  All you need to do is pick up the phone and call the Flipkart contact number customer care Bangalore at (0124) 6150000 or 1800 208 9898.  The website does have a long list of FAQs.  However, if you don’t find your answer there or don’t have the time to search for it customer care number for Flipkart Bangalore. customer care number Bangalore

Some of the periods in month, there are flash sales announced by Flipkart which can give you some of the best deals for online purchase.  You have to be quick on your feet and prepared to take up these offers.  Best would be to be in touch with the customer care number Bangalore.

Flipkart customer care Bangalore number

18002089898, 0124-6150000
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001, India


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