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Kerala RTO registration number search | Kerala mvd vehicle registration details

Kerala RTO registration number search

There are many reasons that you would need to search for the registration number details of a vehicle.  It could be because you are about to purchase a vehicle and you need to ensure the documents presented are in order.  It could be because the vehicle has been involved in an accident and you want to find out the details of the person who has fled with the vehicles from the scene.  It could also be because there is a need to find out the owners of the vehicle due to the vehicle being abandoned.  Whichever be the case, it is important that there is a process to find out the details at the quickest and easiest.

Kerala RTO registration search

In Kerala the Kerala MVD vehicle registration details can be easily got by the process described below. 
First log on to the site   

Next click on “Vehicle details” under the heading information services

A popup appears asking the registration details or the chassis number of the vehicle that needs to be searched for.  You can fill in either of the details

Following this you are required to give the captcha alphabets and numbers

Now click on the button “get”

The details of the car that you are searching for appear

The details that you usually get when you make a search would include the owner name, the car details such as colour, seating capacity, CC, date of registration, maker name, vehicle class, body type, number of cylinders, etc.

Location: Kerala, India


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