Thursday, 22 September 2016

Maharashtra RTO Vehicle Registration Number Search | Registration details

Maharashtra Vehicle Registration Search or MH RTO registration number search is used for knowing out the details of a registered Vehicle either two or four wheeler. The RTO or Motor vehicle  Department undertakes the registration process of a Vehicle

Maharashtra MH RTO Vehicle Registration Number Search

One can simply search for MH RTO Maha Transport Vehicle number details with their Temporary registration number or Permanent registration number. 

To know the details of a particular vehicle, the official website should be accessed which is followed by the steps illustrated below

1.) After logging into, enter the section "Registration of new vehicles"

2.) There are five options displayed namely Temporary registration, Registration of New Vehicle, Registration of outstate vehicle, Registration for VIP Numbers, NOC, Transfer of Motor Vehicle Ownership

There are Fifty Four RTO's in Maharashtra State, every RTO has it unique series like MH 01, MH02, MH 03, MH 04, MH 05, MH 06 etc upto MH 54
Location: Maharashtra, India


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